Reviews From Health Grades

  • "Very caring, courteous and professional. Dr. Brass called me the night I had my cataract surgery to check on my well being. I would recommend him to everyone for any and all eye related concerns."
  • "It's miraculous! Surgery went great. I can see 20/15 without glasses. My eyes are 60 years old! Everyone in the office was more than accommodating, and made me feel calm. Not scary at all."
  • "Dr. Brass was able to remove my cataract and fix my eye. After years of putting it off, I am so glad we did the surgery. I can see better than I have for a long time. I have macular degeneration, and now I can drive without glasses."
  • "It's like a miracle. I haven't seen 20/20 without glasses since I was in the 5th grade. The surgery was painless. No complaints whatsoever. I would highly recommend Dr. Brass."
  • "I had RK in the early 90's, and my vision has been poor for the last three years. Dr. Brass explained the unique needs for calculating the implant power in eyes that have had RK in the past. I am very happy with the results. I can see perfectly and only need glasses for reading."
  • "Its amazing how crisp and clean my vision is. Everything is clean and precise. I had a good experience throughout the entire cataract surgery. I had a lot of astigmatism, and now I do not need glasses. I do not even know where I put my old glasses."
  • "I can see again without glasses. I had laser vision correction with Dr. Brass and had no problems. Now my distance vision is 20/20!"
  • "I selected Dr. Brass for cataract surgery based on his 131 5 star reviews. I was accurately guided to this physician. Dr. Brass is exceptionally qualified, extremely personable, professional and respectful.I was anxious about surgery and Dr. Brass calmed my fears by throughly answering my questions and speaking to me reassuringly throughout the surgery. You feel as if you are his only patient. Staff, especially Danielle, was exceptional.The best doctors are also the nicest; as is Dr. Brass."
  • "Dr. Brass explained cataract surgery and listened to my concerns and the results I expected from the surgery. He has a comfortable, reassuring manner and seemed as delighted by the success of the surgery as I am."
  • "Dr. Brass goes above and beyond what you would expect from any doctor. He raised the bar so high with his concern and compassion with my vision following a laser procedure that I can never thank him enough. I've been going to the Brass Eye Center for about 4 years now and have never had any complaints. All of the staff is both efficient, friendly and compassionate as well, unlike the ophthalmology practice I had used for over 25 years before this one. A big thank you, Dr. Brass!!"
  • "Dr. Brass is an expert in his field. He takes his time with every patient and makes you and your health his top priority in the time that he spends with his patients. He has the most wonderful and calming demeanor. I will definitely recommend Dr. Brass and his office to everyone who is looking for excellent eye health professionals."
  • "Dr. Brass is a wonderful doctor. He takes the time to explain procedures, answers questions, and definitely cares about his patients. I recently had cataract surgery and felt I was in good hands throughout the whole process. The surgery was a big success, too - no more glasses! The office is well organized and runs on time - no long waits for appointments. The staff is courteous, friendly and helpful. It would be wonderful if more medical practices were like this one."
  • "My experience with Dr. Brass and his staff has always been a good one. Dr. Brass has been taking care of me for at least 10 years. I had cataract surgery with Dr. Brass and now I can see TV without my glasses."
  • "Dr. Roth was accommodating and fit me into his schedule for an emergent/same day visit. Aside from being courteous and professional, he was thorough in my exam and was extremely knowledgeable. He explained my condition in a manner that was easy to understand and took the time to answer all of my questions."
  • "I was very impressed by the professional conduct and friendliness of all personnel that I encountered. Dr. Roth clearly explained the various possible causes for my symptoms, the exact cause and what was needed as follow-up"
  • "Dr. Alexander is an excellent practitioner. Took the time to listen to me and spent a great deal of time with me to reassure me."

Reviews from Google My Business

  • "My visit to the Brass Eye Center was a very positive one. The staff are very professional, attentive and knowledgeable. From reception to exit, I felt I was in excellent hands. Dr. Brass and his staff are very patient in providing explanations and answering questions. The atmosphere is very calming and caring. Upon exiting, I felt confident with the information received and thorough understanding about my eye health and care. I highly recommend Dr. Brass and the Brass Eye Center."
  • "I had cataract surgery performed by Dr Brass. I had RK many years ago, and combination of the corneal shape and cataracts caused significant problems with my vision. the results from the surgery were excellent, Dr Brass is a very skilled and professional surgeon who takes great care in making the patient feel comfortable. the results of the surgery were great! I highly recommend Brass Eye Center, the entire staff is excellent!"
  • "Dr. Brass, his staff and the Eye Center he uses for cataract surgery combine to provide exceptional surgical knowledge, cutting edge technology and soothing attentive care.I am confident that Dr. Brass provides the most advanced and knowledgable eye surgery in the nation and certainly in the Northeast region"
  • "I would like to thank Dr. Brass and his entire Staff. Most professional group of people I have had the opportunity to deal with. Dr. Brass is incredible at what he does. I had RK (Radial Keratotomy) 30 years ago that was completely hindering my ability to see more and more each day. Without Dr. Brass, his expertise and experience, who knows what I would be facing today. I have to say that "I made the right decision to choose Dr. Brass " for my corrective surgery. I would and I have already, recommend Dr. Brass to help with your vision problems. His Staff is Incredible! I love it when they remember me by name. Customer Service Today, is a rare quality. Dr. Brass and his staff rank #1 all the way around. Others can learn from them."
  • "Kind, compassionate from appointment making for an emergency, receptionists doing new patient intake, to the attentive nurse taking detailed information, to gentle and knowledgeable Dr. Alexander. Excellent quality care from beginning to end."
  • "Doctor Zachary Roth recently did surgery on both my eyes removing my cataracts . I am so happy to have my vision back and have had no complications following my cataract surgery . I would definitely recommend everyone to make an appt and visit the Brass Eye Center and Doctor Roth and have your eyes checked . Doctor Roth is an exceptional eye surgeon whom has great expertise in his field"
  • "This may be the best eye care center in the capitol district. The most complete eye exam I ever had. The staff was competent and explained each procedure completely. Dr Roth was excellent and earned my trust immediately. Thank so"

Reviews from Angie's List

  • "Professional and friendly staff overall. State of the Art Ophthalmological equipment used for eye exam. Eye screening exams done by both office staff and Dr. Brass. Very thorough eye exam and Dr. Brass spent time explaining findings of eye exam and treatment recommendations. The office now offers Saturday hours appointments, in addition to weekdays appointments."
  • "Found Dr. Roth very thorough and easy to talk with. Dr. Alexander has been working diligently with me to find the right combination for contacts. She has personally returned my calls each time I left a message for her, even as late as 5:30."
  • "I felt as though I was in good hands with Dr. Roth. He was very informative and asked me if I had any questions. I hope I don't need to see him again but will ask for him if I ever have any eye problems. He was very good."

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