What Does Your Vision Look Like with Cataracts?

What Does Your Vision Look Like with Cataracts?
Posted on 05/07/2018
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At Brass Eye Center, we help our patients maintain vision throughout life by treating a wide range of eye and vision problems, including cataracts. Cataracts is a process that causes the lens of the eye to painlessly cloud over, are one of the most common vision problems – but do you know how to spot the signs of cataracts? As your Clifton Park eye doctor, we want to prepare you to catch vision issues before they grow serious. Here are some of the top signs of cataracts.

Symptoms of Cataracts

Cataracts form when the lens of the eye clouds over, and they can eventually result in blindness. While they're most commonly associated with age, they can happen in young people as well. While many conditions can impair vision, cataracts have a few distinctive signals that you can look out for.

Here are a few of the most common symptoms of cataracts:

  • Blurred Vision: Perhaps the most common symptom of cataracts is blurred vision. The blurring usually occurs at every distance, and it may appear as though everything looks foggy, misty, or cloudy. As the cataract worsens, the blurring will intensify alongside it.
  • Glare: In addition to blurring, most sufferers of cataracts have difficulty seeing in bright light. Inside, you may notice some bright lights bothering or see "halos" around lights.
  • Double Vision: One of the most distinctive symptoms of cataracts is double vision – but this is different from most forms of double vision. With cataracts, you'll see double vision even with one eye closed. This can help delineate cataracts from another vision problem.
  • Second Sight: Another distinctive symptom of cataracts is that some people find they can actually see better up close, a phenomenon dubbed "second sight." This occurs because the cataract acts as a stronger lens – but it won't last. Eventually, vision at all distances will worsen, so it's important to get cataract surgery as soon as possible.

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Cataracts are a common vision problem, but with proper treatment, you can reclaim the beautiful, vivid vision you deserve. If you think you may be suffering from cataracts, we can help. Request an appointment online to schedule an eye exam and learn more about your treatment options. We'll determine if you're developing cataracts, help you explore your options, and create a treatment plan to help you reverse vision loss.