Glasses Cleaning & Care Tips

Glasses Cleaning & Care Tips
Posted on 12/04/2018
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This blog post is dedicated to all the glasses-wearers out there! The Brass Eye Center opthamologist team in Albany, Latham, and Clifton Park know that your glasses are pretty important to your success. Keeping those spectacles clear and free of smudges and specks is integral to the proper functioning of your frames. If a truck driver never cleaned his windshield of bug splatter, dirt, and water droplets, he or she would probably be susceptible to a major accident.

Well, we’re not here to tell you to watch out for bug splatter on your glasses, (although it is possible), we are here to educate and share our tips for cleaning and caring for your glasses as well as what not to do when cleaning them. Whether you wear glasses all day, just at night, between contacts, or simply use them for reading, read below for these handy cleaning tips.

The Simple Steps to Achieve Sparkling Lenses

The optometrists at Brass Eye Center are aware of all the debris floating around in our air affecting our patients’ eyes. Being close to the Mohawk River and surrounded by lush New York greenery, our opthamologists know that even your glasses will get a little dusty and dirty. So, here’s our effective procedure for cleaning lenses and frames:

Step 1: Wash your hands with water and soap

Step 2: Rinse your glasses with lukewarm water

Step 3: Mix in a drop of dish soap to the water to create a lather

Step 4: Gently use the lather to clean the frames, lenses, and nose pads

Step 5: Rinse off the soap in lukewarm water

Step 6: Shake your glasses to remove most of the water, then carefully dry your glasses with a lint-free cloth

Ta-da! Your glasses should not only look sparkly and clean, but they will also be free of any germs and grime.

Avoid These Mistakes When Cleaning Your Glasses

The following cleaning practices could cause damage to your frames and lenses and you should avoid including them in your sanitization routine:

  • Using bleach, vinegar, ammonia, or window cleaner could damage lens coatings
  • Using hot water could harm lense coatings
  • Wiping lenses without rinsing them first could cause scratches
  • Drying lenses with a paper towel, napkin, tissue, or anything dirty could cause scratches
  • Wiping glasses on your shirt or clothing, could harm lenses with hidden dirt
  • Spitting on your glasses could spread germs and contain harmful oils

Other Good Cleaning Habits to Try

Following the steps listed above is a great cleaning routine to use as you sanitize your glasses regularly. But it doesn’t stop there. Below are more helpful tips to extend the longevity of your eyeglass frames and lenses.

  • Remove your glasses carefully with both hands to avoid bending your frames
  • Lay your glasses down with the lenses always facing up
  • Store your glasses in a case when you’re not using them
  • Use an at-home, eyeglass repair kit to routinely tighten screws
  • Have your frames routinely checked by an optometrist for proper adjustments

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