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Eye Allergies & How to Deal
Posted on 11/21/2017
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Everyone loves a good hike or day outdoors – but for those who suffer from eye allergies, a pleasant afternoon hike can easily turn into an uncomfortable nightmare. Red, itchy eyes can go beyond being a mere nuisance and can prevent you from doing the things you love, and whether your eye allergies are caused by allergens like pollen or certain chemicals in artificial tears, they can be debilitatingly uncomfortable. At the Brass Eye Center, our mission is to help everyone in the Latham, NY community maintain healthy eyes, so here are our tips for dealing with eye allergies.

Prevent, Prevent, Prevent

The best way to deal with eye allergies is to prevent them from happening in the first place, as once an allergic reaction is triggered, it's much more difficult to turn it off. Try to monitor the pollen count in your area, and when it gets to be a pollen-heavy day, opt to stay indoors as much as possible. You might also consider investing an air filter for your home, as indoor air pollution can actually be worse than the air outside and irritate your eyes.

In addition to this, taking a daily, preventive over the counter medication can be a big help. Pharmaceuticals like Zyrtec (cetirizine) or Claritin (loratadine) can help many people fend off allergies, and these medications work better when you take them on a daily basis. If you use any products like artificial tears and your allergies persist, try switching to a brand without preservatives – the chemicals in some artificial tear formulas may irritate your eyes instead of soothe them.

If allergies do strike, the best thing to do is rinse your eyes as best you can with water. In addition to washing your eyes out, try to wash off your eyelids as well – even allergens on the lid of the eye can trigger a reaction.

Visit Your Latham, NY Eye Doctor

If eye allergies prove to be a significant and recurring problem for you, you may need prescription-strength treatment – and Brass Eye Center can help. We can recommend specific medications to fight your allergies, as well as more in-depth treatments like immunotherapy. Call us today at 518-782-7827 to learn more about treating eye allergies or to schedule your appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!