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All About Cataracts
Posted on 07/20/2017
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If you are suffering from blurry or cloudy vision, there is no need to put up with it. An individual's risk of developing a cataract increases with age, and if you do have cataracts, there are many available solutions., At Brass Eye Center, our ophthalmologists care about our patients, and strive to provide high quality ophthalmologic care in the Albany, Clifton Park, and Latham, NY area. Our team believes nothing should stand between you and perfect vision. Our ophthalmologists and optometrists offer a variety of treatments from dry eye therapy up to and including cataract treatment and cataract surgery.

What Are Cataracts?

A cataract is a protein buildup that forms on the lens of your eye that affects your vision. They interfere with light passing through your eye, which can result in cloudy or blurry vision. It typically occurs slowly, through gradual cloudy vision. Cataracts can also occur quick in some cases. In all cases, cataracts can cause loss of vision.

What Causes Cataracts?

While cataracts typically occur with aging, and are more frequent among older adults, cataracts can be caused through a variety of reasons such as:

  • Age
  • Congenital (caused before or at birth)
  • Secondary (resulting from other medical conditions or medications)
  • Trauma or injury to the eye

Researchers believe that other factors may increase your risk of cataracts, such as:

  • Heavy drinking
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Air pollution
  • Genetics
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive exposure to UV light (sunlight)
  • Exposure to x-rays, radiation, and cancer treatments

What are the Symptoms of Cataracts?

Cataracts are not painful, but still have many identifying symptoms. If you believe you are suffering from cataracts, you may be experiencing:

  • Cloudy or blurry vision
  • Duller colors
  • Fewer details
  • Glare or halos around bright light
  • Poor night vision
  • Possible double vision
  • Frequent eye prescription changes

If these symptoms sound familiar, cataract treatment could be right for you.

How to Treat Cataracts

While changes in your glasses may make you vision a little clearer, if your cataract is visually significant, cataract surgery is the most effective form of treatment. Sometimes surgery is necessary even if the cataract does not affect your vision in cases of glaucoma. At Brass Eye Center, our ophthalmologists provide the most advanced cataract surgery techniques including topical anesthesia, no stitch, outpatient surgery. We offer the most advanced laser cataract surgery option that can reduce or eliminate astigmatism. We use the most accurate measuring devices to ensure proper intraocular lens power selection, and ensure proper placement of the intraocular lens that will restore your vision. Cataract surgery is a same day procedure, with most patients spending less than three hours at the surgery center.

Dr. Brass and Dr. Roth go out of their way to ensure that your cataract surgery is painless, and that you have an excellent outcome.

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If you live in the Greater Capital District and believe that you are suffering from cataracts, we encourage you to schedule an appointment today. If you have any questions or concerns regarding cataract treatment or cataract surgery please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our ophthalmologists and staff look forward to helping you achieve a clearer tomorrow!