Financial Options At Brass Eye Center


As your trusted Albany ophthalmologist, we at Brass Eye Center are proud to offer convenient eye care. This not only includes providing efficient eye exams and treatments, but also making them affordable for all of our patients. We understand the importance of receiving quality eye care, which is why we strive to make our appointments accessible by supplying a plethora of payment options.

Our Payment Options

We’re glad to offer a wide variety of different payment options in order to best meet your needs. Our office accepts payments by:

Per our self-payment policies, payment will be due at the time of the service.


If your insurance happens to cover treatment, you’ll be able to receive the benefit of reduced personal costs. Insurance policies will vary so we’ll be happy to review your insurance in order to determine the appropriate course of action and save you the most money. We’ll even file your claims after treatment has started. To help us with your insurance filing, we ask that you please complete the insurance questions on our questionnaire.

Also, please remember that insurance is a benefit for you or your child. If your benefits happen to change during the course of the treatment, the financially responsible party will be accountable for all charges.

No Show and Fee for Non-Payment at Time of Service

Below is a description of policies at Brass Eye Center for no-show appointments, non-payment for services at the time of a visit, bounced checks and collection accounts.

NO SHOW POLICY: We call every patient on our schedule to confirm appointments in advance, yet we have an average of 15 - 20 no shows per week. The no-show fee will be charged if you have an appointment in our office, and do not call in advance to cancel. We will require notification no later then the preceding business day by 4 pm; this will allow us time to call patients on our waiting list. The no-show fee will be $25.00 per occurrence. Accounts that have 3 no show appointments will be discharged from the practice. New patients will not be rescheduled.

NON PAYMENT OF CO-PAYS AT THE TIME OF VISIT: We are required to collect co-pays and non-covered service fees that are set by insurance carriers. We have always requested payment at the time of service. Most of our patients have complied with this request, but not all. When you do not pay at the time of service, we must pay our billing company to bill you. To offset these fees; we will be charging a $15.00 service charge for all accounts that have a set co-pay, but do not pay at the time of service. When it’s unclear whether you have a co-pay, or what the co-pay will be, we will not charge a service fee to bill you at a future date.

BOUNCED CHECK: When you bounce a check, there are expenses associated with that, for the practice. If you bounce a check in our office, in addition to paying back the original amount of the check, a 35.00 fee will be added to cover our bank fees and additional administrative work required. Routine appointments will not be made until you pay the balanced owed.

ACCOUNTS IN COLLECTIONS: At times we are faced with placing accounts in collections for non-payment. Many attempts are made to collect payment before sending accounts to collections. When we place an account in collections a $50.00 collection fee is added to the balance due, to help cover our expenses. Patient accounts sent to collections, will be discharged from the practice.

Clarifications for policies listed above and similar issues.

  • No Show Fee - $25.00 per occurrence for established patients and new patients will not be rescheduled.
  • Non-payment of copay at time of service - $15.00 fee
  • Medicare and other insurances that do not have a set co-pay will not be affected by this service fee. When it is not clear whether a patient will have a co-pay for tests, they will not be charged the service fee.
  • Collections fee - $50.00, discharged from practice.
  • Bounced checks – The patient is responsible for an additional $35.00.
  • If you have any questions regarding these policies please see one of the staff.

Contact Your Albany Ophthalmologist Today!

If you have any questions or concerns about our payment options or insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We at Brass Eye Center will work hard to help you in any way we can. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, you can give us a call at (518) 782-7827 or fill out our online appointment request form. We hope to hear from you soon!